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Tony & Sue van Kessel

  • Huntsville, Ontario P1H 2J3
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About Me

We are Tony and Sue van Kessel, from Huntsville, Ontario, Canada, 90 minutes north of Toronto, in the District of Muskoka. We have been Young Living members since 2004, and have attained a rank of Silver.

We first became aware of Young Living Essential Oils from my sister Carla Green, who had been using the oils and oils-infused products since 1999 with great patient outcomes in her medical clinic, after her friend and mentor Dr. Carolyn DeMarco (famous women’s health expert, author and speaker) introduced Carla to these amazing products and recommended that she try them as part of her clinical protocols.

At first we suspected that claims of health benefits from these oils was overstated. Wow, were we in for a shock! When Carla began using the oils in her Alberta clinic, her patients came back with glowing reports of so many positive changes that she had to step back and take a critical look at what was happening. With her high level of clinical success, Carla became very excited and enthusiastically incorporated the essential oil products into both her family’s life and her clinical practice. Sue and I found out about Young Living Essential Oils by being recipients of Carla's very effective essential oil treatments - every time she visited, she was fixing us with the oils, and we smelled great too!

It was very simple and logical to us: the oils work, are 100% natural, and of the highest purity, potency and consistency. They have allowed us to replace almost all of our "medicine cabinet" and first aid items, plus our nutritional supplements and personal care/house cleaning products, with 100% safe alternatives to toxin-laden "store" products. Like Carla, we came to feel that we would be selfish not to share these products with friends and family.

We have seen consistently good (and sometimes flat-out amazing) results within our family, friends and the many people we have introduced to Young Living oils and oils-infused products. You can see some of our personal experiences (plus thousands of other peoples’ real-world results) here: (tip: you can search this site on a symptom, a medical condition, or on the name of an essential oil or oils blend). Prepare to be amazed!

One caution for those who are new to essential oils: virtually all of the “pure” essential oils you’ll find in retail health, drug or nutrition stores are not therapeutic grade. Essential oils are regulated under The Perfume Act, which allows products to be labelled “100% Pure” even if they contain as little as 5% of pure oils! The rest is chemical fillers and adulterants, many known to be carcinogenic or endocrine disruptors. Only Young Living produces truly therapeutic grade oils, steam-distilled from plants organically grown on their own farms, and tightly controlling the purity “from Seed to Seal” ( 98% of all essential oils in North America are NOT medical-grade - and of the 2% which ARE, Young Living produces 98% of them.

Today, almost all medical researchers and over 150 hospitals use Young Living essential oils for medical research, patient treatment and staff care, including one of the largest health care systems in the US, the $5 billion Cleveland Clinic (which was ranked by U.S. News & World Report as # 4 overall in their list of “Best Hospitals 2012-13”, scoring as either #1 or #2 in the country in 7 of the 14 medical specialties assessed). They will only use ONE brand of essential oils – in the words of the Co‐Chairman, Integrative Therapies, Cleveland Clinic Healing Services Team: “We would never even entertain the idea of using any other essential oil in our hospital. Young Living Essential Oils not only provide us with the level of quality we expect, but they are always consistent in their formulation so we are assured of the best possible outcomes for our patients”.

That’s good enough for us!

We would like to extend to everyone our commitment to help improve your health and wellness, and if you wish, to help improve your family's financial health in the process.

Yours in health,

Tony and Sue